The Importance of Quality Control in Construction Projects

The goal of most contractors is to enhance their skills with the ever-changing demands of the construction industry. The challenge most contractors face is getting approved to manage government or military construction contracts due to stringent safety and quality requirements. The crucial aspects that contractors find hard to fulfill of a federal construction contract are […]

The Growing Importance of RMS 3.0 Online Course to manage Government Projects

The US Army Corps of Engineers, also popularly known as ‘USACE,’ is part of the Department of Defense and oversees different military and government construction projects. The main focus of USACE is to ensure proper safety and health standards are carried out during the construction project. The USACE puts tremendous efforts in ensuring worksite safety, […]

Respiratory Protection in Construction

Respiratory Protection In Construction Today we’ll cover the following Respiratory Protection in Construction Topics: Reducing Respiratory Hazards Respiratory Protection OSHA Standards for Respiratory Protection Respiratory Protection Program Respiratory Protection Plan How to become certified as a Respiratory Program Administrator. Many construction hazards require respirator use. Respirators protect workers from locations with insufficient oxygen levels. For […]

What is RMS in Construction?

RMS stands for Resident Management System and is used in US Army Corps of Engineers construction projects to manage the contract and quality requirements of the contract. Once a person understands how to use RMS, they’ll find it is a very comprehensive system for the expedient and effective management of construction contracts through tracking and documentation of […]