TITAN Consultants is the premier construction management firm. We have the experience and resources to successfully implement the construction management team from design to final closeout.


Design and Planning Phase

Whether you want TITAN to design the project or you want us to work with your design team, we will work with the engineers and architects to ensure the project is designed to meet your goals and is economically constructed to meet your budget. We have Professional Engineers (PE) and Architects on staff that provide valuable insight during the design process. After the design has completed, we will begin constructability reviews. The reviews will be done by the assigned PE, Project Manager (PM), and onsite Quality Assurance staff. The Construction Management Staff will then prepare and submit comments to the design teams on any findings of the constructability analysis.

We also provide Value Engineering services and in fact teach it to other construction managers:

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Pre-Solicitation Phase

We will prepare Scopes of Work (SOW), project submittals, specifications, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Procurement support will be initiated along with a Project Management Plan. When necessary, a Procurement Plan will be developed to assist with managing multiple RFPs at the same time. A monthly Procurement Status Report will be discussed. Within the Project Management Plan, a Construction Management Team (CMT) will be assigned to the RFP and a Procurement Specialist will be utilized to review the RFP Responses. Estimates will be made as necessary for budgetary purposes. Cost-loaded schedules will be built as necessary for planning.


Solicitation Phase

The RFP is uploaded and posted. Procurement Specialist answers all Requests for Information (RFI) during the process and the CMT established Pre-Proposal Conferences to answer potential bidder’s questions and provide additional information about the RFPs. Proposals are received and opened by the Procurement Specialist and the CMT. Interviews to the bidders will be conducted by the CMT to ensure all scopes of work are address, and to ensure the bidder meets the Owner’s requirements. A meeting/presentation will be held with the Owner to discuss the RFP Responses, as well as provide feedback and recommendations. Awards and “Notice to Proceed” is issued.


Construction Phase

Utilizing the Project Management Plan, the Construction Management Team is assigned and task to ensure contract compliance. A Pre-Construction meeting is held with the Awardee (Contractor) to discuss the expectations of the CMT with administering the contract. The Contractor will ensure all material, labor, equipment, submittals, testing, and inspections set forth in the contract documents are adhered to during the life of the contract.

A Quality Management Plan will be developed to discuss how the CMT will administer the contract. This is an internal plan that helps guild the CMT in how to utilize it’s resources as well as provide additional information to the Owner.

The CMT will review Contractor Safety Plans and conduct daily quality and safety inspections at the jobsite. Daily reports will be provided to the CMT from the field QAs.

As Construction Managers in the Federal Government Construction industry, we know what it takes to ensure your goals are met. Count on TITAN as you always have.