The Growing Importance of RMS 3.0 Online Course to manage Government Projects

The US Army Corps of Engineers, also popularly known as ‘USACE,’ is part of the Department of Defense and oversees different military and government construction projects. The main focus of USACE is to ensure proper safety and health standards are carried out during the construction project.

The USACE puts tremendous efforts in ensuring worksite safety, environmental protection, emergency relief, and dredging operations.

The USACE construction projects are quite extensive due to various important elements such as contract agreements, design, sourcing of materials and equipment, safety, and health. The professionals involved in the government or military contracts need to fulfill certain criteria and attain specific certification to be eligible to participate in the project.

For example, any individual who manages the Quality Control in the USACE project needs to pass the RMS (Resident Manager System) course. The construction industry is expanding fast, and the project team consisting of contractors, supervisors, and managers needs to have information on the changing advancements.

Why RMS an Important Aspect of Federal Construction Project

The RMS is a comprehensive system developed by the US Army of Corps to manage contract administration and quality control of a construction project. Every government and military contract have certain quality, safety, and health requirements to be fulfilled. The RMS 3.0 is the latest contract administration and quality control software designed to effectively plan, schedule, and manage different aspects of construction.

Titan University is one of the only institutions offering affordable online ‘Mastering RMS 3.0. The purpose of the course is to allow an individual to use a fast and user-friendly system to expedite and manage construction projects. It is the only RMS course developed for effective tracking and documentation of USACE construction projects.

The RMS program is designed and developed with the help of expert QC (Quality Control) managers. As the course is online, you or your project team can easily take the lessons according to their pace and convenience. The RMS 3.0 course will significantly help you to manage various functions such as efficiently

  • Prepare daily quality control reports
  • Manage submittals and pay requests
  • Expedite inspections
  • Oversee contract requirements

Upon completion, you can easily download and print the certificate that authorizes you to have advanced knowledge in RMS 3.0.

For a USACE construction project, the Quality Control Manager from the Prime Contractor Staff has to use RMS software to track and manage the contract requirements. The online RMS 3.0 course is valuable for Construction Quality managers, Submittal clerks, and any individual associated with the quality control team. Currently, Titan University offers three RMS courses that are

  1. Mastering RMS 3.0 USACE

This training course is for anyone working in the quality control team of the government construction contract. The course entails 12 Modules that include

  • How to install and use RMS
  • Administration
  • Finances
  • Submittals
  • Schedules
  • Contract Reports

Upon completion, you will better understand using RMS 3.0 for government and USACE projects.

  1. Contract Administration in RMS

This online quality control course is aimed to help the individual learn how to use RMS 3.0 to manage numerous construction functions. The important sections of the course include

  • Contract Description
  • Request for information
  • Prime Contractor and Subcontractor
  • Insurance
  • Payrolls
  • Contract Notification Control
  1. Submittal Proficiency in RMS 3.0 USACE

This course is also developed for any individual wanting to work in the quality control team. Some of the key lessons you will learn in this course are

  • The project documents to manage in the Submittals tab
  • How to add sections, Submittals Register, and manage Contract Specifications
  • The importance of using Filtering Blocks
  • How to make and track all Submittals
  • The numerous QA and QC codes
  • What if Submittals are returned by the government?
  • How to use transmittal log

You will get all the literature and course material online and easily prepare and pass the short quizzes at the end of sections and the final test.

The RMS course is not mandatory like the Contractors training for USACE projects. However, having RMS 3.0 certification improves your approval rate and increases your chance to manage quality control for federal government projects. You will also efficiently manage the various tasks of the construction contract.

Final Thoughts

Titan University offers first of its kind online construction courses that cover various aspects of federal government contracts. We provide the best online classes with the help of our skilled and trained experts. The goal is to make individuals, from contractors supervisors to workers, become more knowledgeable and qualified.

Mastering RMS 3.0 will surely help you get the essential training and ensure compliance with the prime contract with the federal government.