Why You Need to Take Online Certificate Courses for Construction Management

Driving on the roads, you must have thought about all the skyscrapers, homes, and other infrastructures and wondered about all the complicated construction processes. There is an entire team consisting of contractors, quality assurance managers, engineers, architects, and workers who make the construction possible.

What is Construction Management

Contractors have the challenging tasks to oversee and manage every big and small task that helps complete the construction efficiently. A degree in construction management is essential for a contractor to get the knowledge and skills to manage the extent of a government or private contract.

The federal and USACE construction projects are quite extensive and follow a certain criterion that the contractor must fulfill. A wide range of guidelines and standards need to be implemented and cover fine aspects of the contract, such as health and safety, quality control, and environmental compliance.

The common tasks that construction manager or contractor has to perform include

  • Working with civil engineers, architects, quality control specialists, sub-contractors, and workers
  • Discussing the worksite and timeline for the project
  • Procuring the equipment, machines, and materials according to the extent of construction
  • Making plans to manage the safety and health concerns, delays, and impact on the environment
  • Giving updates to the clients on the progress

Apart from the requisite qualifications, the construction managers and contractors must pass certain certification courses essential to manage a federal construction project.

The Growing Importance of Online Construction Courses

Titan University is one acclaimed institution offering a wide range of construction-related online courses vital for improving their knowledge and skills. There are wide federal government infrastructures that require the construction manager to have adequate knowledge about the construction techniques, legal permits, and environmental compliance.

The online courses are developed according to the USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) guidelines and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Titan University experts not only teach and develop the courses but offer valuable assistance to diversified clients involved in a federal government project.

The online courses are classified in four categories, which are

  1. Government Construction Safety Courses
  2. Construction Quality Control Courses
  3. Environmental Compliance
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Suppose you want to work in the construction industry as a quality control department, or a safety expert or project manager. In that case, it is imperative to take the recommended courses.

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) defines that a professional project or contract is one in which all the aspects regarding safety, scope, function, cost, and quality are effectively managed. Due to the pertinent nature of federal construction contracts, the contractor has to be careful with OSHA safety rules, building codes, legal requirements, and environmental guidelines.

The online courses can help you get the necessary training, insights, and skills to enhance your profile and improve your chance of managing a federal contract. There are a few benefits of taking an online course

  • Select the type of course according to your expertise
  • Choose the course depending on your schedule and daily routine
  • You only need a stable internet connection, and laptop or even a smartphone to take the course
  • All the course materials are present online in the form of presentations, pdfs, and videos
  • Make an online profile, take and complete a number of courses that will make you more knowledgeable, skillful, and credible
  • You will learn all the key content and concepts in the certificate course that a person learns in a formal degree program which takes 2 or 3 years

While working on government or military contracts, mostly you get to perform tasks on various worksites such as roadways, bridges, tunnels, dams, highways, commercial buildings, factories, and warehouses.

The online courses as developed by the industry experts include the US Corps of Engineers and OSHA safety personnel. Due to the extent of the various construction processes, the courses are categorized, so you get to learn all the details, whether it is worksite safety, contract management through RMS, and implementing steps for environmental safety.

Anyone can enroll in the online courses whether they already work in the construction industry or aspire to do so. The contractors, QC managers, SSHO, and superintendents must pass the course to manage federal construction projects.

For example, if you are taking an EM-385 1-1 (8 hours or 40 hours) course, there are certain modules or lessons. At the end of each lesson, there are quizzes that you have to pass to advance to the next lesson. Once you clear all the lessons, then there is a final examination. You can get the certificate and can download it if you secure 70% marks or higher.

Bottom Line

Titan University offers online construction courses that allow you to enhance the credentials necessary to manage government construction projects. You can get the certification, work as an SSHO or QC manager, and diversify your career. We are the only certified website specializing in safety and quality compliance of USACE and NAVFAC projects.