Why Construction Managers need to Master RMS Course

Why Construction Managers need to Master RMS Course

The Covid pandemic did halt nearly all types of businesses and industries. However, after the advent of vaccines, people and businesses are resuming normal service. Government construction was one sector that was massively impacted by the spread of Coronavirus, but now again, there is a gradual increase in pace to complete pending projects and start new ones.

Due to the extent of functions and processes, a robust system is required to manage the entire project. Resident Management System or more popularly known as the RMS, is a comprehensive system that helps in contract administration and quality management. The RMS system was developed by USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) in the 1980s, but now the system has become quite advanced with the help of sophisticated computers and applications.

Today, RMS has transformed into a Construction Management Information (CMI) system and is maintained by the RMS center. The complete system is network-based software that helps individuals to perform various tasks such as

  • Contract administration
  • Record construction quality measures and its results
  • Increase productivity

The main purpose of the RMS system was to effectively manage the planning, scheduling, safety, and quality processes of a construction project. You may be surprised, but the RMS system has user-friendly features that make it easy to track and document all the tasks of a federal construction project.

Reasons why RMS essential for Contractors

A quality control system (QCS) is present within the RMS module that is used by the contractor who can perform a wide range of tasks which includes

  • Quality control reports
  • Construction schedule
  • Equipment checks
  • Managing health and safety standards and reporting any accidents
  • Cost control and payment
  • Correspondence management
  • Production report

The contractor mostly uses the QCS to perform the daily tasks as all the schedules and reports are present in template form, making it easy to use. Apart from being a contractor, the QCS also helps the quality control staff in the contractor’s team to

  • Compile daily quality report
  • Track the requirements of the contract
  • Perform scheduling activities
  • Automate the payment processes
  • Completing the requirements of subcontractors
  • Implement the three-phase (Preparatory, Initial, and Follow Up) inspection
  • Customize the reports according to the project’s requirements

The RMS system uses encryption technology to protect files, emails, and documents. Also, the contractors and staff can apply passwords to minimize access and apply expiry dates. The files are even protected when you may copy or transfer them.

In the ever-changing construction industry, the project needs to be well informed about the safety and quality standards.

Titan University is one of the only institutions offering online construction courses such as ‘Mastering RMS 3.0 USACE’. The course is best for Quality Control managers to help them learn how to use the RMS system for contract administration and construction quality management. There are 12 modules or lessons that you will get to learn once you enroll, which includes

  1. Introduction to RMS 3.0
  2. Installing the RMS 3.0
  3. Navigation
  4. How to use RMS 3.0
  5. Contract administration
  6. Finances
  7. The QC Tab
  8. Submittal register and transmittal control
  9. Tasks scheduling
  10. Follow-ups or closeout
  11. Import and Export schedule activities
  12. Managing contract reports

Each lesson ends with a short quiz that you need to pass to advance to the next module. You can easily download the certificate once you complete all the modules and pass the final examination with 70% or higher. The biggest advantage of online learning is getting to take the course according to your convenience and comfort. You can even download smartphone App to take the courses. All the course materials are present online which you can use to prepare for the short quizzes and final examination.

Bottom Line

Titan University is a prominent name in the construction industry and has been involved in managing numerous Government Construction contracts. Online courses such as Mastering RMS 3.0 are thoughtfully developed to allow individuals to have adequate training on construction quality control. Once you make an online profile, you can track the courses you have completed and passed. Having a portfolio of relevant safety, quality, and environmental certifications helps you improve your chances of managing a federal construction project.