What Are The SSHO’s Responsibilities?

  • Conduct mishap investigations and complete required reports. Maintain the OSHA Form 300 and Daily Production reports for prime and sub-contractors
  • Conduct daily safety and health inspections and maintain a written log which includes area/operation inspected, date of inspection, identified hazards, recommended corrective actions, estimated and actual dates of corrections.
  • Conduct weekly safety meetings, audits, and maintain a log of each
  • Maintain applicable safety reference materials on the job site (Such as SDS)
  • Attend the pre-construction conference, pre-work meetings, preparatory inspection meeting, & in-progress meetings
  • Implement and enforce the accepted Accident Prevention Plan (APP) and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHAs)
  • Maintain a safety and health deficiency tracking system that monitors outstanding deficiencies until resolution
  • Post a list of unresolved safety and health deficiencies on the safety bulletin board
  • Ensure sub-contractor compliance with safety and health requirements
  • Fully implement all provisions of the contractor’s Safety System and related documents
  • Manage the operation of the contractor’s Safety System
  • Implement and manage all phases of safety control
  • Ensure company-wide effectiveness of the Safety System
  • Ensure the Safety System is established and implemented by persons doing work that impacts safety
  • Ensure company-wide conformance to Safety System requirements
  • Act as the contractor’s liaison with parties outside the company on matters of safety
  • Report to senior management on performance of the Safety System, including needed improvements
  • Review and approval of all Safety System documents
  • Review and approval of all Safety System records
  • Review and approval of safety-related contract submittals
  • Manage all project inspection and safety control activities
  • Identify existing and predictable hazards

SSHO Duties

A Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) oversees safety on Government Construction Projects. The SSHO reviews all safety and health requirements of the Government and the policies of the contractor and then puts these requirements in action.

The responsibilities of an SSHO include all aspects of project safety. This means the SSHO should have knowledge of not only OSHA requirements, but also the EM 385 1-1 as this is the safety manual for the USACE and NAVFAC. As part of your duties, you review the contractor’s safety plan to ensure it complies with safety standards. Working with management on-site, you organize safety meetings and meet with workers who have safety concerns. You work with outside contractors coming into the site to inform them of safety procedures on site.