What Are the Elements of Construction Project Management?

Construction project management (CPM) involves several procedures, including monitoring, regulating, and supervising. CPM can range from managing a single project to overseeing an entire construction management firm.

The construction management program can help you during the pre-construction phase, tracking deliverables during the construction phase, evaluating project delivery, and closing up the initiative at the conclusion.

Construction project management has deadlines, which the workers need to follow strictly. The initial stage of construction project management is the planning phase. The last stage is construction administration. However, in between, there is a lot to discuss. The companies need to look after the construction-specific requirements and general project management.

Some of the other components of the construction project management are as under:


One of the essential elements of construction project management is the planning phase. Each project needs a specific plan of action, from simple to complex projects. A construction project that has a proper planning strategy maximizes efficiency. During the planning phase, you also need to take care that things complete within the budget and due time. The planner needs to build a step-by-step procedure that all employees follow.

When planning a construction project, you must consider what equipment you will need, how many individuals will be able to complete the task, organize your subcontractors, and ensure that everything is working fine. Other elements to look after during your planning phase include constructing a safety plan, a communication plan, conducting a risk assessment, and developing a reaction plan.

There are numerous ways for a project to deviate from its original course. A well-executed plan that has been thoughtfully prepared can go a long way toward reducing and addressing difficulties before they arise.


Now that you know what you need to construct and how quickly you need it done, you can begin preparing a budget. While calculating your budget, you first need to make an estimation. Moreover, it can tell you about the expected budget you need to have to execute the plan.

However, you can make amendments if the estimation exceeds your budget. You can look for solutions that could fit within your budget.

Statement of Project Scope

One of the most important aspects of a project plan is the project scope declaration. It serves as the foundation for the rest of the project’s strategy.

The project manager finalizes and records all project specifics in the project scope statement to ensure that everyone engaged is on the same page. Furthermore, this statement provides an overview of the project, including its steps and requirements. It is typically used to obtain consent and buy-in from external stakeholders participating in the project.

The Phase of Pre-Construction

In the pre-construction phase, the project construction team visits the construction site for checking and preparation. After the examination is complete, the project team follows the developmental plan that entails budget, design, timeframe, etc.

Few people that are indulged in this phase include:

  • Project manager and contract administrator
  • Superintendent
  • Engineer in the field
  • Manager of health and safety


In the execution phase, efforts are made to meet the objectives made during the planning phase. At this stage, it is critical for the project to progress following the management strategy by synchronizing people and resources.


Monitoring is an essential part of the construction management plan. In this phase, the planners need to look after the project that they have completed. The following are the steps to take during the project’s monitoring and controlling phase:

  • To determine how much of the project’s work is complete.
  • Correct any issues that may or may not arise.
  • Examine the financial data in conjunction with the technology.
  • To keep track of the project’s budget and timeline.


In conclusion, we can say that construction project management keeps the entire staff on track and ensures success. However, attempting to use all of the project management methods discussed above on your own will result in frustration. To reap the benefits of excellent project management, look for Titan Safety Courses that provide proper learning techniques to everybody.

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