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Orlando, FL: Titan Consultants is a professional and fully licensed construction management company with a decade of working experience catering to the government commercial construction requirements. Titan consultants have the expertise and necessary staff that deals with uniquely structured project closeout, pre-construction management, and construction management departments. At TITAN, we focus on paperwork for USACE/NAVFAC construction projects.  We make sure pre-construction plan submittal deadlines are met and approved the first time. This way, our customers can focus their attention on production, subcontracts, and buyouts. 

Pre-Construction Plans

To provide pre-construction plans, our full-time technical writers develop strategies for you from scratch. They make sure that all the requirements in the contracts are covered. Our writers have experience with various USACE/NAVFAC districts  and fully understand all requirements set forth in the contract documents FAR Clauses.. Instead of taking all the hassle of writing pre-construction plans, our writers can do it on your behalf. If the government requests changes, we remain committed to you until the approval of the project. 

Titan Consultants have worked on various projects, and some are still in process to this very day. Some of the active projects we are currently working on include: 

  • Contract N69450-19-C-0903 Navy Gateway Inn – Key West, FL
  • Contract W912HN-19-C-5004 Savannah Harbor Dredging – Savannah, GA
  • Contract W912DY-16-D-0001 Blade Balance Stand 2 – CCAD, TX
  • Contract W912DY-15-D-0050 Mechanical Upgrades ESPC – Dyess AFB, TX
  • Contract W912DY-16-D-0001-0003 Install Apogee Systems – Dyess AFB, TX
  • Contract W912QR-20-C-0008 Repair HTHW Line C – Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
  • Contract W91278-20-C-0027 Fuel Facility Replacement – Columbus AFB, MS
  • Contract N3943018D2006 – Replace Guy Wires – Cuttler, ME
  • Contract 36C10F20C0002 – Boiler Burner Replacement – Las Vegas, NV
  • Contract W9128F-20-C-0045 – Transformer Installation – Fort Peck, MT
  • Contract 36C78620C0305 – Burial Expansion Phase IV – Dallas, TX
  • Contract W912EP-19-D-0044 – AIWW Maintenance Dredging Contract 1 – Wilmington, NC
  • Contract W912EP-19-D-0044 – AIWW Maintenance Dredging Contract 2 – Shallotte, NC
  • Contract W9128F-20-P-0061 – Replace MCCs and Panelboards – Fort Randall, SD

Besides working on the above, Titan Consultants also introduces Titan University, also known as TitanSafetyCourses.com. A variety of programs include construction quality control, government construction safety, and environmental compliance. Titan University online courses are directly related to the services we provide here at Titan Consultants.

About Titan Consultants:

Titan Consultants provide industry-specialized services related to government construction. Our organization mainly completes projects related to government construction with a “Very Good” CPARs rating.

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