Construction Safety Officers In West Virginia

West Virginia is located in the United States’ Appalachian, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern regions. It is the tenth-smallest state in land area and the twelfth-least populated, with 1,793,776. Charleston is the capital and largest city in South Carolina. West Virginia’s real estate market is surging, and it is projected that the Washington housing market will sustain its speed and momentum. As the number of construction projects in West Virginia continues to rise, so do the construction companies.

The Commissioner heads the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI), of which the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Program is a part. The Virginia State Plan applies to state and local government employees and maritime state and local government employees. It does not apply to federal employees, including USPS employees. The federal OSHA addresses all those issues that the Virginia State Plan does not address.

It is the sole responsibility of VOSH to enforce occupational safety and health requirements. Compliance officers actively investigate construction sites for unsafe conditions and issue tickets for infractions of VOSH standards. Regular scheduling, reports of impending danger, fatalities, worker complaints, or referrals may prompt inspections. You may get more information on VOSH's enforcement on the Virginia State Plan website.


Construction safety is not just limited to safeguarding workers from harm or death. Additionally, it protects the community, employees, and the environment. Construction sites are a significant source of air pollution, emitting up to 2,000 pounds of hazardous compounds daily. Multiple factors contribute to construction site accidents and injuries. There are a variety of tasks on a construction site, and each presents its unique dangers if not performed safely. That is why it is necessary to follow a specific set of rules and regulations imposed by the state for construction safety.


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  • Accident Investigation
  • OSHA Violation & Citation Representation
  • Development of Safety Programs
  • Avetta, ISNetworld, PICS
  • Program Management
  • Consultations

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