If you have a construction project and need an SSHO, look no further. Aside from FL, we have worked more in the state of TX in an onsite safety consultant capacity than in any other state! We have done work from Houston, to Dallas, to Laredo, to El Paso. The state of Texas is vast in size and we have completed minimum of 26 construction projects operating as safety professional services in the state.

Aside from our construction management services as SSHOs, we have also conducted an extensive amount of respiratory protection training in the state. We have seen many cases where construction workers were cutting concrete while not properly protecting their respiratory system. While it seems that the path of least resistance is to simply cut the dry concrete quickly and move on, you will undoubtedly expose yourself to silica exposure. this is a harmful compound that can put you at risk of developing silicosis. you will find that cutting that dry concrete quickly is not worth it to your health. Through TITAN University, we teach respiratory protection training to help educate you on the hazards and how to protect yourself.