TITAN Consultant and Its Vision

Choosing the right people for the job is one of the most important decisions you can make as a business owner. We have been providing construction managers that are the best in the industry. Our SSHOs are hard-working, competent, and eager to help you grow your business.

TITAN has been working on federal government construction projects for many years and is very familiar with their requirements. We are fully certified and have the experience to make sure your project is precisely the way you envision. We are proud of our accomplishments, including being A+ members of the Better Business Bureau and others. They include winning the 2020 award from BUILD magazine for the best specialist contractor and receiving a Gold Medallion from the HIRE Vets program!

As a result of our company's structure, we can be extraordinarily responsive and fast-moving when handling your division 1 requirements.

Construction safety is a mandatory requirement for all construction projects. It is the project owner's responsibility to ensure that their site is safe and compliant with all building regulations.

Construction safety is important because it protects both workers and the public from injuries and accidents. Building regulations are in place to ensure that construction sites are safe for everyone involved, so they should be followed as closely as possible.


Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places where workers are at risk for injury. There is a lot of construction work that has to be done, which can be very stressful. The government/OSHA guidelines help contractors reduce the risks associated with construction sites.

The OSHA guidelines are set up to protect employees from unsafe conditions and hazards in the workplace while also providing them with safe working conditions. There are three main types of regulations that construction companies need to follow: safety, health, and environmental regulations.

The OSHA standards were created in response to several workplace fatalities during the late 1970s and early 1980s due to unsafe working conditions on construction sites. In 1979, there were an estimated 2,300 workplace fatalities in the United States alone.

  • Employees should be provided with fall protection equipment such as harnesses, lifelines, or personal fall arrest systems.
  • All employees should be trained in fall protection techniques before beginning work on a new project.
  • Employers must have a written procedure that includes instructions for safely handling falls from elevated surfaces.
  • Employees should use ladders or stairs instead of scaffolding when climbing or descending from elevated surfaces.

As a leader in construction safety consultancy services, TITAN helps lower worker injury incidents and improve production and safety while lowering employee compensation rates. We specialize in behavioral-based safety training designed to increase knowledge retention and change workplace habits.

TITAN can help with construction projects, tenant improvements, and high-rise and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects.

Our Construction Safety Services Include:

  • OSHA Violation & Citation Representation
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Safety Program Development
  • Workplace Safety Auditing
  • Site Safety & Health Officer 
  • ISNetworld, Avetta, PICS
  • Site Safety Meetings
  • (SSHO) Staffing
  • Program Management
  • Accident Investigation

TITAN offers several training and safety classes. Some of our construction training includes:

  • Equipment Operator Certification
  • OSHA 10- & 30-Hour Training
  • Rigging & Signaling Qualification
  • Confined Spaces in Construction
  • Fall Prevention & Protection
  • Customized Contractor Training
  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Excavation & Trenching
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Competent Person

TITAN is the only company in Oregon that specializes in site safety. Our Site Safety Managers are at the top of their game and offer the best service and support in the industry.

Quality Expertise

TITAN is a company you can trust for your project, whether a government project or private construction. We offer quality expertise and on-site second-to-none site safety services from our professional Site Safety Managers.

We Care About Your Job

Our team of construction management professionals is dedicated to understanding your needs at every step of the process. We'll map out a custom plan based on your budget, timeframe, and scope, guaranteeing that you'll get what you need — and when you need it.

Our Site Safety Managers Have a Reputation for Quality

We're known to provide the most respected site safety managers in Oregon — our professionals are leaders in their field and have built a reputation for excellence over time.