If your Georgia (GA) construction company plans to work in Fort Stewart, Fort Benning, or plan to any of the popular dredging areas near Brunswick or Savannah, you will need a Site Safety & Health Officer to ensure you and your subcontractors are working within the confines of the safety contract documents.

If you are working on a dredge, you will need an SSHO that is highly educated in conducting confined spaces. Through TITAN, we train all of our SSHOs how to issue and post a confined space permit, how to identify risks, and how to reduce hazards.

Hire TITAN and we will ensure that your project meets the requirements set forth in your Accident Prevention Plan, EM 385-1-1, OSHA, and Georgia safety requirements throughout the state. On top of that, we have local SSHOs that live in GA and would be highly motivated to work and represent you on your project.