Construction site safety is a major concern for all parties involved in the construction process. Many risks can happen at a construction site, and these risks can lead to injuries and fatalities.

Construction safety officers (SSHOs) play an essential role in ensuring that the construction site is safe for all workers. They ensure that the work environment is safe, provide training to new employees, and ensure that all necessary safety equipment is available on-site. Construction safety officers are certified by the State of Arkansas as Safety Health Officers (SHOs). These SHOs must complete extensive certification training, including workplace hazards, OSHA regulations, first aid, and CPR training.

OSHA is the federal agency responsible for enforcing safety standards and guidelines, which construction sites must follow. Construction sites have to be safe for workers and pedestrians because they are often located in public areas. All safety measures must be taken to prevent accidents and injuries. Construction site owners also have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees by following OSHA guidelines.

  • Provide safety training for employees.
  • Develop an emergency action plan.
  • Make sure there are no hazards in the workplace.

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Construction sites are known to be dangerous and must be handled with care. Workers, especially those in high-risk occupations such as construction and mining, are at risk for accidents; therefore, it's important to have the appropriate safety measures and appropriate education and training to ensure that employees who work in these environments stay safe throughout their shift.
Construction site safety is key to reducing the risk of injury, illness, and death. The dangers are seemingly endless: from working at heights to using heavy equipment that could cause an accident. Some of the biggest hazards are hidden hazards like black lung disease, caused by breathing in coal dust or silica dust.

Nearly every day, on-site injuries cost construction workers their lives. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 4,400 construction workers died from injuries sustained in 2016. Construction is a hazardous profession due to the variety of hazards that exist.

Construction can be physically demanding, with some jobs requiring heavy equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and forklifts. On-the-job accidents involving vehicle crashes are common. Many workers also spend long hours on their feet and may experience chronic pain and other health problems.